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Proposal Vote Results

Proposal ID860
ProposalNC confirmation of Julie Saporito-Acua NJ as Alternate Delegate to the 2017 Global Green Congress
Floor ManagerSanda Everette
Results Adopted

51 Total Votes Received from 33 States/Caucuses

Presens Quorum32 - 0.6666 of 47 Accredited States/Caucuses
Consens Quorum22 - A Majority of 43 Yes and No Votes

Votes Received

ArizonaYesAngel Torres
Black CaucusYesJoy Davis
CaliforniaYesSusan Chunco
CaliforniaYesRichard Gomez
CaliforniaYesDana Silvernale
CaliforniaYesViolet Rose Zitola
ColoradoYesAndrea Merida
ConnecticutYesJoshua Kelly
DelawareYesDavid McCorquodale
District of ColumbiaAbstainJustin McCarthy
FloridaYesVictor Agosto Brizuela
FloridaYesElijah Manley
FloridaYesJoshua Pritchett
HawaiiNoElisabeth Green
HawaiiYesN. Nikhilananda
IllinoisYesJack Ailey
IllinoisYesFina Campbell
KansasYesPaul Krumm
KentuckyAbstainJames Owens
Latinx CaucusYesDarlene Elias
Lavender CaucusAbstainDrew Langdon
MaineYesMorgen D'Arc
MaineYesJohn Rensenbrink
MarylandYesBrandy Baker
MarylandYesTim Willard
MassachusettsAbstainCarol Sotiropoulos
MichiganYesLinda Cree
MichiganYesJennifer La Pietra
MichiganYesLouis Novak
MinnesotaAbstainSharon Lemay
MinnesotaYesSteve Linnerooth
MississippiYesJan Hillegas
MontanaYesDarrel Armstrong
MontanaYesCheryl Wolfe
NevadaAbstainBill Huggins
New JerseyAbstainJim Brash
New MexicoAbstainEm Ward
New YorkYesDani Liebling
New YorkYesCraig Seeman
New YorkYesDave Sutliff-Atias
North CarolinaNoMichael Trudeau
OhioYesLogan Martinez
OhioYesDonald Rucknagel
PennsylvaniaYesHillary Kane
PennsylvaniaYesDavid Ochmanowicz Jr.
TennesseeYesHoward Switzer
VirginiaYesSid Smith
VirginiaNoTamar Yager
WisconsinYesBruce Hinkforth
Women's CaucusYesJennifer Sullivan
Youth CaucusYesMichael Dennis

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