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You have reached the old location for National Committee voting.
The new location can be found at

Voting ends at midnight Pacific time. Daylight Savings Time is observed. No votes will be accepted in email or after the voting deadline.

Currently Under Discussion
ID 1056 - Proposal to create a process for Censure and Temporary Suspension of an accredited state or caucus
Floor Manager: Trahern Crews
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Currently Voting
ID 1054 - Amendment to Clarify CCC Election Rules
Floor Manager: Tamar Yager
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ID 1055 - Endorse NoNewJails Campaigns
Floor Manager: Tamar Yager
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Final Results for Recent Proposals/Ranked Choice Votes

IDProposalFloor ManagerResultDate
1053 Approval of Shannel Pittman as Alternate Forum Manager Tony Ndege Adopted -0/5-/2021
1052 Approval of Rose Roby as GPUS Forum Manager Gloria Mattera Adopted -0/5-/2021
1051 Approval of Noah Martin as GPUS Forum Manager Margaret Elisabeth Adopted -0/5-/2021
1050 Approval of Holly Hart as GPUS Forum Manager Trahern Crews Adopted -0/5-/2021
1049 Accreditation Rules, Amend Provide Rules for Adversarial Disciplinary Hearings Kristin Combs Failed -0/5-/2021
Results prior to creation of this voting system

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