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You have reached the old location for National Committee voting.
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Voting ends at midnight Pacific time. Daylight Savings Time is observed. No votes will be accepted in email or after the voting deadline.

Currently Under Discussion
ID 1124 - Endorse the February 19, 2023, Rage Against the War Machine Demonstration
Floor Manager: Tamar Yager
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ID 1125 - Extend Term For Next Secretary Election
Floor Manager: Regina Stone-Grover
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Currently Voting

Final Results for Recent Proposals/Ranked Choice Votes

IDProposalFloor ManagerResultDate
1123 Endorse UNAC's STOP US Wars: MLK Week of Actions Garret Wassermann Adopted -0/1-/2023
1122 2022 Platform Amendment: Chapter II, Section A, Plank 10 Consumer Protection Chris Stella Failed -1/2-/2022
1121 2022 Platform Amendment: Chapter II Social Justice, Section E, add Universal Childcare Tony Ndege Adopted -1/2-/2022
1120 Approval of 2023 GPUS Budget Ahmed Eltouny Failed -1/2-/2022
1119 Approval of Tommie James to Finance Committee Margaret Elisabeth Adopted -1/1-/2022
Results prior to creation of this voting system

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