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Proposal Vote Results

Proposal ID53
ProposalRevised 2003 Budget, Revision 1
Floor ManagerJo Chamberlain
Results Adopted

62 Total Votes Received from 33 States/Caucuses

Presens Quorum29 - 0.6666 of 43 Accredited States/Caucuses
Consens Quorum29 - A Majority of 56 Yes and No Votes

Votes Received

AlaskaAbstainDeirdre Helfferich
ArizonaYesRichard Scott
CaliforniaYesStuart Bechman
CaliforniaYesLeslie Bonett
CaliforniaYesGinny-Marie Case
CaliforniaYesJo Chamberlain
CaliforniaYesPeggy Lewis
CaliforniaYesKevin McKeown
CaliforniaYesBill Meyers
CaliforniaYesRoss Mirkarimi
CaliforniaYesBeth Moore Haines
CaliforniaYesNanette Pratini
CaliforniaYesMichael Wyman
ColoradoYesCharlie Green
ColoradoYesBill McCormick
ConnecticutYesTom Sevigny
DelawareAbstainJohn Atkeison
District of ColumbiaYesMaya O'Connor
FloridaYesSarah echo Steiner
FloridaYesMilo Vannuci
IdahoYesRobert McMinn
IllinoisYesSarah Heyer
IllinoisYesElizabeth Moran
IllinoisYesMarc Sanson
IndianaAbstainSean Bagley
IndianaYesJeff Sutter
IowaYesErik Olson
IowaYesLarry Orr
Lavender CaucusYesStarlene Rankin
LouisianaYesJason Jones
MaineYesMorgen D'Arc
MaineYesJohn Rensenbrink
MassachusettsNoRudy Perkins
MichiganYesDavid Spitzley
MinnesotaYesKellie Burriss
MissouriYesDee Berry
NebraskaNoVirginia Crisco
NebraskaNoDante Salvatierra
NevadaYesJohn Juntunen
New JerseyYesJane Hunter
New YorkYesElizabeth Shanklin
New YorkAbstainRachel Treichler
North CarolinaYesLaura King
North CarolinaYesGray Newman
OregonYesMarnie Glickman
OregonYesPaul Loney
PennsylvaniaYesGuy Gray
PennsylvaniaYesDan Kinney
PennsylvaniaYesKayly Newcomer
PennsylvaniaYesStephen Weisser
PennsylvaniaYesDiane White
Rhode IslandAbstainTony Affigne
South CarolinaNoGregg Jocoy
TexasYesAdrienne Boer
TexasYesEarl Gerhard
TexasYesDavid Pollard
VermontYesCraig Chevrier
VirginiaAbstainKirit Mookerjee
WashingtonYesJody Grage
WashingtonYesSteve Hamm
WisconsinYesBen Manski
WisconsinYesRuth Weill

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