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Proposal Vote Results

Proposal ID47
ProposalICAP Joint Proposal
Floor ManagerNathalie Paravicini
Results Failed: Quorum Not Met

25 Total Votes Received from 16 States/Caucuses

Presens Quorum29 - 0.6666 of 43 Accredited States/Caucuses
Consens Quorum7 - 0.6666 of 10 Yes and No Votes

Votes Received

ArizonaAbstainRichard Scott
CaliforniaAbstainSara Amir
CaliforniaYesStuart Bechman
CaliforniaYesLeslie Bonett
CaliforniaAbstainBill Meyers
CaliforniaAbstainBeth Moore Haines
ColoradoNoCharlie Green
ColoradoAbstainBill McCormick
District of ColumbiaYesMaya O'Connor
IllinoisAbstainMarc Sanson
IndianaYesIsabel Piedmont
IowaAbstainErik Olson
MichiganYesMarc Reichardt
MichiganAbstainPatti Smith
New JerseyAbstainGary Novosielski
New MexicoYesRick Lass
North CarolinaAbstainGray Newman
PennsylvaniaAbstainDan Kinney
PennsylvaniaAbstainDiane White
TexasYesAdrienne Boer
TexasAbstainDavid Pollard
TexasAbstainRoy H. Williams
UtahYesPatrick Beecroft
WashingtonAbstainSteve Hamm
WisconsinYesRuth Weill

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