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Proposal Vote Results

Proposal ID41
ProposalBRPP Proposal on Committees (was: Proposal to define the various positions on committees)
Floor ManagerTom Sevigny
Results Adopted

50 Total Votes Received from 30 States/Caucuses

Presens Quorum29 - 0.6666 of 43 Accredited States/Caucuses
Consens Quorum26 - A Majority of 49 Yes and No Votes

Votes Received

ArizonaYesRichard Scott
ArkansasYesGinny Hartnett
CaliforniaYesSara Amir
CaliforniaYesStuart Bechman
CaliforniaYesLeslie Bonett
CaliforniaYesAlex Brideau III
CaliforniaYesGinny-Marie Case
CaliforniaAbstainJo Chamberlain
CaliforniaYesBill Meyers
ColoradoYesCharlie Green
ConnecticutYesTom Sevigny
ConnecticutYesPenny Teal
DelawareYesJohn Atkeison
District of ColumbiaNoMaya O'Connor
District of ColumbiaYesSteven Shafarman
HawaiiYesJudie Hilke-Lundborg
IdahoYesHeron Baker
IllinoisYesSarah Heyer
IllinoisYesElizabeth Moran
IllinoisYesMarc Sanson
IllinoisYesRyan Taylor
IndianaYesSean Bagley
IndianaYesJeff Sutter
Lavender CaucusYesStarlene Rankin
MaineYesMorgen D'Arc
MarylandYesBahram Zandi
MassachusettsYesRudy Perkins
MichiganYesMarc Reichardt
MichiganYesPatti Smith
MichiganYesDavid Spitzley
MinnesotaYesStephen Eisenmenger
NebraskaYesDante Salvatierra
NevadaYesPaul Etxeberri
New JerseyYesGary Novosielski
New YorkYesRachel Treichler
North CarolinaYesGray Newman
OhioYesDavid Berenson
OregonYesMarnie Glickman
PennsylvaniaYesDan Kinney
PennsylvaniaYesDiane White
Rhode IslandYesTony Affigne
Rhode IslandYesJoseph P. Buchanan
TennesseeYesKatey Culver
TexasYesKarla Aguilar
TexasYesAdrienne Boer
TexasYesDavid Pollard
TexasYesJohn St. Denis
WashingtonYesJody Grage
WisconsinYesBen Manski
WisconsinYesRuth Weill

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