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Proposal Vote Results

Proposal ID328
Proposal2008 Proposed Budget
Floor ManagerJody Grage
Results Adopted

102 Total Votes Received from 38 States/Caucuses

Presens Quorum34 - 0.6666 of 50 Accredited States/Caucuses
Consens Quorum46 - A Majority of 91 Yes and No Votes

Votes Received

AlabamaYesGene Hunter
ArizonaYesClaudia Ellquist
ArkansasYesMark Jenkins
ArkansasYesJim Lendall
CaliforniaYesJan Arnold
CaliforniaYesDavid Blatte
CaliforniaYesWarner Bloomberg
CaliforniaYesTom Bolema
CaliforniaYesLeslie Bonett
CaliforniaYesJune Brashares
CaliforniaYesBudd Dickinson
CaliforniaYesConor Dixon
CaliforniaYesSanda Everette
CaliforniaNoMike Feinstein
CaliforniaYesWoody Hastings
CaliforniaYesDerek Iversen
CaliforniaAbstainSusan King
CaliforniaYesKent Mesplay
CaliforniaYesBill Meyers
CaliforniaAbstainJohn Morton
CaliforniaYesOrval Osborne
CaliforniaYesLinda Piera-Avila
CaliforniaNoMichael Rubin
CaliforniaYesDana Silvernale
CaliforniaYesPamela Spevack
CaliforniaYesLisa Taylor
ColoradoYesSandy Lemberg
ColoradoYesRomney Philpott
ColoradoYesClaire Ryder
ConnecticutYesS. Michael DeRosa
ConnecticutYesTimothy L. McKee
ConnecticutYesCliff Thornton
DelawareYesDavid McCorquodale
District of ColumbiaYesDavid Bosserman
FloridaAbstainJulia Aires
FloridaYesBarbara Rodgers-Hendricks
FloridaYesSarah echo Steiner
GeorgiaYesHugh Esco
GeorgiaYesNannette Garrett
IllinoisYesPhil Huckelberry
IllinoisYesKevin O'Connor
IllinoisYesMarc Sanson
IndianaYesSarah Dillon
IndianaYesJeff Sutter
IowaYesDaryl Northrop
Lavender CaucusYesDavid Strand
MaineYesJacqui Deveneau
MaineYesJohn Rensenbrink
MaineYesTheresa Savage
MaineYesTony Zeli
MarylandYesKaren Jennings
MassachusettsYesElie Yarden
MichiganYesMatthew Abel
MichiganYesLinda Manning Myatt
MichiganYesLouis Novak
MichiganYesFred Vitale
MinnesotaYesBill Oldfather
MissouriYesDee Berry
MontanaYesChris Frazier
New JerseyAbstainElizabeth Arnone
New YorkYesNaomi Canaan
New YorkYesAlison Duncan
New YorkNoHowie Hawkins
New YorkYesMaria Kuriloff
New YorkYesJason Nabewaniec
New YorkAbstainRebecca Rotzler
New YorkNoRoger Snyder
North CarolinaYesJan Martell
North CarolinaYesGray Newman
OhioYesLogan Martinez
OklahomaYesJoni LeViness
OklahomaAbstainJean McMahon
OregonYesErik Douglas
OregonYesSteve Geiger
OregonAbstainMarnie Glickman
OregonYesTeresa Keane
OregonAbstainPaul Loney
PennsylvaniaNoAlex Gillett
PennsylvaniaYesHillary Kane
PennsylvaniaAbstainSkip Mendler
PennsylvaniaNoJohn Murphy
PennsylvaniaNoBob Small
PennsylvaniaNoDiane White
Rhode IslandYesGreg Gerritt
South CarolinaYesDavid Whiteman
TennesseeYesJohn Miglietta
TennesseeYesHoward Switzer
TexasYesEsther Choi
TexasNoJoel West
UtahYesThomas King
UtahYesEileen McCabe
VirginiaYesAudrey Clement
VirginiaYesChristopher Fink
WashingtonAbstainAram Falsafi
WashingtonAbstainMike Gillis
WashingtonYesBrent White
West VirginiaYesKaren Grubb
West VirginiaYesFrank Young
WisconsinYesJill Bussiere
WisconsinYesMonte LeTourneau
WisconsinYesBryce Ruddock
Women's CaucusYesHolly Hart

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