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Proposal Vote Results

Proposal ID247
ProposalLocal Referenda Resolution for Divestment and Right of Return
Floor ManagerJody Grage
Results Adopted

77 Total Votes Received from 38 States/Caucuses

Presens Quorum32 - 0.6666 of 48 Accredited States/Caucuses
Consens Quorum27 - A Majority of 53 Yes and No Votes

Votes Received

AlabamaYesGene Hunter
ArizonaAbstainAndrew Spencer
ArkansasAbstainDonna Werley
ArkansasAbstainAnita Wessling
CaliforniaNoLeslie Bonett
CaliforniaYesMarilyn Ditmanson
CaliforniaNoSanda Everette
CaliforniaYesChuck Giese
CaliforniaYesFred Hosea
CaliforniaYesJared Laiti
CaliforniaNoSteve Loebs
CaliforniaYesKent Mesplay
CaliforniaYesDonna Warren
CaliforniaYesCat Woods
ConnecticutNoTimothy L. McKee
ConnecticutNoCharlie Pillsbury
DelawareAbstainDavid McCorquodale
District of ColumbiaAbstainNikolas Schiller
FloridaYesJulia Aires
FloridaAbstainBarbara Rodgers-Hendricks
GeorgiaNoAl Herman
GeorgiaNoFrank Jeffers
IllinoisAbstainPhil Huckelberry
IllinoisAbstainSusan Rodgers
IllinoisNoMarc Sanson
IndianaAbstainSarah Dillon
IndianaYesJeff Sutter
IowaAbstainFlorence Boos
IowaAbstainLarry Orr
LouisianaYesDebbie McManus
MaineYesJacqui Deveneau
MarylandNoKaren Jennings
MarylandAbstainSteve Kramer
MassachusettsYesJamie McLaughlin
MassachusettsYesElie Yarden
MichiganYesLinda Manning Myatt
MichiganYesLouis Novak
MichiganYesKaren Shelley
MichiganYesAimee L. Smith
MinnesotaAbstainEric Makela
MinnesotaYesBill Oldfather
MississippiYesGwendolyn Wages
NebraskaAbstainTom McCormick
NevadaYesPaul Etxeberri
NevadaAbstainPaul Juntunen
New JerseyYesElizabeth Arnone
New JerseyYesMike Spector
New MexicoNoMato Ska
New YorkYesHowie Hawkins
New YorkNoMargaret Human
New YorkNoRoger Snyder
New YorkYesJ. Rebecca White
North CarolinaAbstainJan Martell
OhioYesPaul Dumochelle
OhioYesLaura Hampton
OklahomaYesJoni LeViness
OklahomaYesHuti Reynolds
OregonNoMarnie Glickman
OregonAbstainPaul Loney
PennsylvaniaYesMike Shushan
Rhode IslandAbstainJames DeBoer
Rhode IslandAbstainGreg Gerritt
TennesseeYesJohn Miglietta
TennesseeYesHoward Switzer
TexasAbstainDeanna Hayes
TexasAbstainBill Holloway
TexasAbstainAlfred Molison
TexasNoGeorge Reiter
UtahYesThomas King
UtahYesEileen McCabe
VermontAbstainSteve Ekberg
VirginiaNoAudrey Clement
WashingtonYesAram Falsafi
WashingtonYesMike Gillis
WisconsinYesJill Bussiere
WisconsinYesJeff Peterson
Women's CaucusAbstainHolly Hart

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