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Proposal Vote Results

Proposal ID178
ProposalResolution of endorsement for the Millions More March
Floor ManagerJody Grage
Results Adopted

86 Total Votes Received from 39 States/Caucuses

Presens Quorum32 - 0.6666 of 48 Accredited States/Caucuses
Consens Quorum33 - A Majority of 64 Yes and No Votes

Votes Received

AlabamaYesRob Collins
AlabamaYesGene Hunter
ArizonaYesStan Hemry
ArizonaYesRichard Scott
ArkansasNoAnita Wessling
CaliforniaYesLeslie Bonett
CaliforniaYesPeter Camejo
CaliforniaYesDavid Cobb
CaliforniaYesBudd Dickinson
CaliforniaYesSanda Everette
CaliforniaYesJudith Grant
CaliforniaYesGreg Jan
CaliforniaYesKent Mesplay
CaliforniaYesNanette Pratini
CaliforniaYesDonna Warren
CaliforniaYesMarybeth Wuerthner
CaliforniaYesMichael Wyman
ColoradoAbstainBruce Meyer
ConnecticutYesTimothy L. McKee
ConnecticutYesTom Sevigny
DelawareYesRoger Horowitz
DelawareYesDavid McCorquodale
District of ColumbiaYesMichael Piacsek
FloridaAbstainCara L. Campbell
FloridaYesDiane Cardin-Kamleiter
FloridaYesGary Hecker
FloridaYesSarah echo Steiner
GeorgiaYesVelmon Allen
GeorgiaYesFrank Jeffers
HawaiiYesJulie Jacobson
IdahoAbstainRobert McMinn
IllinoisYesPhil Huckelberry
IllinoisYesSusan Rodgers
IllinoisAbstainMarc Sanson
IllinoisYesJennifer Walling
IndianaYesJim Coplen
IndianaYesJeff Sutter
IowaYesLarry Orr
Lavender CaucusYesStarlene Rankin
MaineAbstainMorgen D'Arc
MaineAbstainHeather E. Betsy Garrold
MarylandNoSteve Kramer
MassachusettsYesOwen Broadhurst
MassachusettsAbstainJennifer Mazer
MichiganYesMatthew Abel
MichiganYesLinda Manning Myatt
MichiganYesKaren Shelley
MichiganYesFred Vitale
MinnesotaYesEric Makela
MinnesotaAbstainKristen Olson
MississippiYesGwendolyn Wages
MissouriAbstainDee Berry
NevadaYesPaul Etxeberri
NevadaYesPaul Juntunen
New JerseyYesGeorge DeCarlo
New JerseyAbstainJane Hunter
New YorkAbstainSteven Greenfield
New YorkYesHowie Hawkins
New YorkYesJason Nabewaniec
New YorkAbstainRoger Snyder
New YorkYesJ. Rebecca White
North CarolinaYesJan Martell
OhioYesDavid Berenson
OhioYesGwen Marshall
OhioYesAnita Rios
OregonAbstainMarnie Glickman
OregonAbstainPaul Loney
PennsylvaniaYesPaula Bronstein
PennsylvaniaYesMike Shushan
Rhode IslandAbstainJames DeBoer
South CarolinaAbstainPreston Holston
South CarolinaYesDavid Whiteman
TennesseeNoKatey Culver
TennesseeAbstainHoward Switzer
TexasAbstainEsther Choi
TexasYesRachel Clary
TexasYesEarl Gerhard
TexasYesBill Holloway
TexasAbstainDavid Pollard
UtahYesThomas King
UtahYesElisabeth Luntz
VirginiaAbstainKirit Mookerjee
WashingtonYesAram Falsafi
WashingtonYesJody Grage
WisconsinAbstainRuth Weill
Women's CaucusAbstainHolly Hart

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