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 National Committee Voting


Proposal Vote Results

Proposal ID1147
ProposalCertification of 2023 Steering Committee Co-chairs and Treasurer Elections
Floor ManagerHolly Hart
Results Adopted

70 Total Votes Received from 32 States/Caucuses

Presens Quorum31 - 0.6666 of 46 Accredited States/Caucuses
Consens Quorum35 - A Majority of 68 Yes and No Votes

Votes Received

AlabamaYesAni Mozelle Baraka Dela Croix
ArizonaYesMike Cease
CaliforniaYesSusan Chunco
CaliforniaYesRick Greenblatt
CaliforniaYesTarik Kanaana
CaliforniaYesPeggy Koteen
CaliforniaYesSusan Lamont
CaliforniaYesRohan Sabnis
CaliforniaYesPhoebe Thomas Sorgen
ConnecticutYesTimothy L. McKee
DelawareYesTom Buchanan
District of ColumbiaYesDarryl Moch
HawaiiYesSue Roberts Emery
HawaiiYesN. Nikhilananda
IllinoisYesJack Ailey
IllinoisYesRichard Giovanoni
IllinoisYesGini Lester
IllinoisYesJim Madigan
IllinoisYesAnna Schiefelbein
IndianaYesSarah Dillon
IowaYesHolly Hart
KentuckyAbstainNathaniel Gregory
Lavender CaucusYesShannel Pittman
Lavender CaucusYesDavid Strand
MaineYesJustin Beth
MaineYesJacqui Deveneau
MaineYesPatricia Trish Jackson
MaineYesJake Kulaw
MaineYesLyn Maravell
MarylandYesRenaud Brown
MarylandYesMary Rooker
MarylandYesNancy Wallace
MassachusettsYesMaureen Doyle
MassachusettsYesDanny Factor
MassachusettsYesMicheal Pascucci
MichiganYesJim Becklund
MichiganYesRita Jacobs
MichiganYesJohn Anthony La Pietra
MichiganYesLouis Novak
MinnesotaYesJosh Scheunemann
NebraskaYesCharles Ostdiek
New JerseyYesDiane Moxley
New JerseyYesDustin Young
New YorkYesSteve Bloom
New YorkYesMarco DaCosta
New YorkYesAllan Hunter
New YorkYesCassandra Lems
New YorkYesJoseph Naham
New YorkYesSandy Przybylak
North CarolinaYesTommie James
North CarolinaYesMichael Trudeau
OhioYesPhilena Farley
OregonYesMike Beilstein
PennsylvaniaYesDavid Ochmanowicz Jr.
PennsylvaniaYesTimothy Runkle
PennsylvaniaYesJay Walker
South CarolinaYesJessica Lazenby
South CarolinaYesDavid Whiteman
TennesseeYesMichael Principe
TexasYesHunter Crow
TexasYesAlfred Molison
UtahYesAdam Guymon
UtahYesDee Taylor
VirginiaYesTamar Yager
WashingtonYesMargaret Elisabeth
WashingtonAbstainScott Laugenour
Women's CaucusYesCynthya BrianKate
Women's CaucusYesDawnMarie Cronen
Youth CaucusYesAustin Bashore
Youth CaucusYesRiley Mahon

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