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Voting ends at midnight Pacific time. Daylight Savings Time is observed. No votes will be accepted in email or after the voting deadline.

Currently Under Discussion
Floor Manager: Chris Blankenhorn
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Currently Voting
ID 870 - Housekeeping Changes to GP-US Platform
Floor Manager: Chris Blankenhorn
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Final Results for Recent Proposals/Ranked Choice Votes

IDProposalFloor ManagerResultDate
873 2017 Election for GPUS Secretary Chris Blankenhorn See Details -0/7-/2017
872 2017 Election of Steering Committee Co-chairs Chris Blankenhorn See Details -0/7-/2017
871 Caucus Delegates Not Included in Apportionment Tabulation Chris Blankenhorn Adopted -0/7-/2017
869 Treasurer Vacancy Election Jan Martell See Details -0/5-/2017
868 Platform Amendment Process and Timeline for Non-Presidential Nominating Convention Years Jan Martell Adopted -0/5-/2017
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