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Ranked Choice Vote ID614
Ranked Choice Vote2011 Election for GPUS Secretary
TypeSecret Ballot Revealed at Close of Polls
Number of Seats1
Ranked Choice Vote AdministratorHolly Hart
Discussion07/19/2011 - 07/29/2011
Voting07/30/2011 - 08/06/2011
Presens Quorum 0.6666
Candidates Budd Dickinson
James Jones
AJ Segneri


This signals the second entirely online election of the GPUS Steering Committee. The purpose ofg this ranked choice vote is to elect the Secretary for the GPUS.

Candidate Information

Budd Dickinson

Green Party of Washington State

Green Party of Washington State

I was a Co-chair of GPUS from 2006 to 2009, and during that time I missed
only one conference call and facilitated a majority of the calls. I was
co-chair of the Finance Committee during that time and have been on the
Platform Committee since 2000.

 I have a long involvement with the Green Party and the Green Politics
movement that led to it:

full-time volunteer for Mark Satin's New World Alliance in 1980.
(Mark later wrote the 10 Key Values.)

founder of the San Francisco Greens in 1985; helped to organize the
Greening of the West Conference in 1988; and was one of the founders of the
California Green Party in 1991.

elected member of the Alameda County GP County Council, 1992-94,

member of the CA GP Coordinating Committee, 2001-3.

member of the Humboldt County GP County Council, 2006-7.

member of the GPUS Platform Committee (since 2000) and co-chair for
several years.

member of the EcoAction Committee since 2009.

member of the GP of Washington State since 2008.

I have extensive election campaign experience. I was the coordinator in
Newark, NJ, for the 1972 McGovern for President Campaign. I worked in
several Berkeley City Council and mayoral campaigns and was a candidate for
Berkeley City Council in 1998, receiving almost 40% of the vote.

The Green Party is very important to me and has been for many years. At
this time I feel that I can best serve the GPUS as secretary. I am well
organized, have the time necessary to do the job, and am good at attention
to details. My extensive work on our platform has demonstrated my
perseverance. As SC co-chair for almost 4 years, I saw first-hand the
secretary dealing with many issues with commitment and great attention to

I have a Master of Public Administration degree and an MA in Psychology. I
am a retired Energy Conservation Engineer with over 25 years in government
or semi-public agencies. I was involved in the Civil Rights Movement in the
1960's and helped elect the first black mayor of a major eastern city,
Newark, NJ, in 1970 and served as an aide in his office. I was involved in
the Pro-feminist Men's Movement in the 1980s and still receive a lot from
men's support groups. My spiritual life is important to me and I borrow from
several spiritual disciplines.

I am good at working with others in a cooperative manner. I believe in a
politics based on love, not anger - understanding and compassion, not angry
confrontation. Anger that comes from love can create constructive

James Jones

Green Party of Florida

Florida Green Party

I write to ask for your first preference vote supporting my candidacy to serve as the next Secretary of the Green Party of the United States.

Party Affiliation: Green Party of Florida

Originally joined the Georgia Green Party in 1998

I see this time as the time for sacrifice to build and support this party. I want to do my part in contributing my efforts to help provide that organizational capacity to support the work of this party that is so necessary. I have extensive administrative experience, offer an innovative mind that can find efficient ways to get work done and have done that in a variety of organizational cultures, including within the Green Party. Working as a system administrator with legal professionals has given me good experience in working with, often, very difficult personalities along with some of the most inspiring. I have brought to these past responsibilities the same consistent professionalism and well honed positive interpersonal skills I wish to make available to help build our national Party.

I formally joined the Georgia Green Party at the 1998 special convention in Alpharetta, GA which was held to nominate a candidate to run for a Congressional seat vacated by the resignation of Speaker Newt Gingrich. I immediately worked with the short campaign for Paul Kelly who ultimately entered the race to fill that seat.

Some highlights of my ongoing involvement with the Green Party are as follows:

  1. I acted as the Georgia Green organizer for the Draft Ralph Nader committee and acted as the chair and media contact for our activities including events Nader attended in both Georgia and a few in South Carolina in the 2000 campaign.
  2. I have provided volunteer support and technical assistance to many of our green candidates including notably Al Herman's campaign against Bob Barr.
  3. I have served as an Alternate to the National Committee of this Party.
  4. I helped establish the financing to domicile the Georgia Green Party in a shared facility. We provided for renovations and upgrades to support a functioning office including power upgrades, internet/intranet, furniture and more. In addition, the Fulton County Green Party, which I co-chaired, shared this space.
  5. I acted as the technology director for the Georgia Green Party for 6 years, building both a network and a codebase to serve the Party. In that time, in working with California Green Cameron Spitzer (founder of the Green Internet Society), I helped several green groups setup websites and facilitate our growing web presence. In addition, I was the primary developer of a first generation of software that parsed raw voter and history data regularly obtained from the Secretary of State into a database schema making it available for party candidate and campaign uses.
  6. I've served twice as a state delegate to the National Convention both serving to nominate a presidential candidate.
  7. I last served on the Georgia Party's Coordinating Council in 2007 and relocated to Florida in 2008. I still occasionally provide volunteer services typically around technical issues or IRV/STV when asked.

I have worked in higher education for 17 years. During my career, I was a very early adopter of open source and managed the technical operations of a law school for 14 of those years. During my tenure at that law school, we were consistently in the top ten for technology and were able to do so at a fraction of the cost many of our competitors were assuming through the innovative use of open source software and systems along with our ability to use in-house talent to build out frameworks of our own for little reliance on costly outside vendors to supplement our business processes. I handled a budget to support our contracts, licenses and equipment needs that floated around $1M depending on upgrade and maintenance cycles which alternated in usually 2 and 4 year crests.

I have served on many university committee's continuously after initial appointment or after being subsequently elected. As a facilitator, I provided structure and outcomes while my style of inclusion consistently garnered continuous support and nomination (despite times that I did not wish to continue to serve). I strive to be structured and efficient so that I produce consistently good outcomes in whatever I do. Today, as now a full time senior application developer, the spirit of my former work and structure is evident in my work flow and focus.

Part of my forte was managing large and often complex projects and coordinating cooperation along often numerous internal and external entities. There are too many to enumerate but the nature of university work often requires the coordination of vendors, support staff and budgeting not to mention also faculty, staff and students across multiple departments and colleges as required.

My focus on producing outcomes took a step forward since my move to Florida with the birth of my daughter. Being her parent is a priority in my life and one which creates a framework for and a sense of urgency about the political work I have always engaged in.

I am prepared to bring my integrity, my dedication, sufficient hours for the task and my sense of professionalism to the work of the Steering Committee of our Party. I ask for your first preference vote in support of my election to serve as our national Party's next Secretary.

I'd like to meet each and every member of the National Committee and ask that you give me a call to discuss our shared vision for building a Party which can make a difference in my daughter's life, and in the lives of your children as well.

Contact Me

James Jones
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AJ Segneri

Wisconsin Green Party

My name is A.J. Segneri and I am running as your next GPUS Secretary
candidate. I have been involved in politics and activism since the late 90s.
On the political front,I have been on various campaigns for state and
federal legislative candidates. From starting out doing back-office work,
then working way up to be a part of senior campaign staff. As an activist, I
havebeen involved on the issues when it comes to, but not limited to: the
environment/animal rights, education, the arts, LGBT, mental healthcare,
electoral reform, and youth activism. An examples of these would be
myparticipation at Fort Benning in Columbus, GA, getting gay marriagepassed
in Iowa, and educating the people of Orr, Minnestoa regarding how black
bears are not nuisance animals. I currently serve on twoboards in Milwaukee.
I am a Board of Director member for People'sBookstore Cooperative and one of
the founding Board of Directors forthe Riverwest Public House Cooperative,
the second bar cooperative inthe country and the first one in Wisconsin.
Along with those my activism I have conducted various training sessions when
it comes to campaigning, leadership, and organizational behavior.

As member of the Green Party I haveserved on various posts at the state and
national level. At the statelevel I served as Treasurer and Membership
Steward while I was withthe Illinois Green Party. Also during my time with
ILGP, I haveworked with many people when planning state membership meetings,
astate party convention, and many other ILGP projects. I currently serve as
the Co-Chair in the Wisconsin Green Party. While being involved in the
respective state parties, I have served as delegateand alternate delegate.
My involvement in GPUS started out as being amember of the Ballot Access
Committee in 2008, where I helped gathersignatures in Iowa to put
presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney onthe ballot. Since then I have
helped on various committees. I alsoserve as the Treasurer on the Lavender
Caucus. Outside of committeework I am also a member of the Speakers Bureau
for GPUS.

I would like to be your next Secretary, because I feel my strengthens of
working as a team player,being creative, and my networking are the skills
necessary when executing various duties as Secretary. I have worked with
many people in GPUS, and they know my dedication to the party. Like many of
you Ilive by the Ten Values in my everyday life as well as educating
thosewho do not understand our party. As your next Secretary I would
willhelp with those on the Steering Committee to help move our party inthe
right direction.

AJ Segneri, WIGP

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