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Ranked Choice Vote ID235
Ranked Choice VoteOn-line SC Seat Election
TypeOpen Ballot
Number of Seats1
Ranked Choice Vote AdministratorHolly Hart
Discussion07/09/2006 - 07/20/2006
Voting07/21/2006 - 07/27/2006
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Candidates Katey Culver


With the resignation of GPUS Steering COMmittee co-chair Pat
LaMarch in June, an online election will take place to fill out
the remainder of that term ending in the summer of 2007. The nomination period
ended July 7, 2006. This is now followed by a two-week discussion period and a
one week vote, using choice voting (IRV).

Candidate Information

Katey Culver
I accept the nomination for the vacated Steering Committee seat held by Pat
LaMarche. I am currently a delegate to the GP-US NC from Tennessee. I have
served in this capacity since December 2000.

I am a permaculture designer, natural building instructor and partner in an
architectural firm specializing in eco friendly design, and have been active
in ecology/justice issues since the early '70s. I was Director of the
Nashville Peace and Justice Center '92-'94, and attended the Earth Summit in
Brazil in '92.

Other National Party activities include being a member of the Communications
Committee where I maintained GPUS listserves in 2001. I currently sit on
the BRPP Committee and the Eco Action Committee. I am a member of the
National Women's Caucus where I served as Membership and Database
Coordinator in 2005, and I'm currently a Voting and Elections Committee
member 2005 - present.

In Tennessee I have been active in the state party, including the GPTN CC
Co-chair 2005-2007; Annual Meeting Coordinator 4 out of the past 6 years;
Co-founder of 2 Locals; current 7th District Congressional candidate. I
worked on the Nader '00 and Cobb '04 campaigns, as well as 2 local
campaigns, and co-organized a 6 party presidential debate in '04 aired on
Free Speech TV.

I am dedicated to third party politics. In 32 years of voting only once did
I fall for the lesser of 2 evils argument in the presidential race. That
was 1980, Carter was running for re-election. My vote didn't re-elect him
and I went back to voting my conscience. In 2000 i dedicated myself to the
advancement of the Green Party and believe it to be the best option for
healing the planet and allowing human beings to continue their involvement.

I am running for the Steering Committee at this time because i think my
experience will provide a good foundation for doing this job. I have not
run in the past because the role of delegate is important and time
consuming. I did not feel I could be a good Steering Committee member and a
good TN delegate - one or the other was going to get more of my energy to
the detriment of the other. My delegate status is about to change. We are
currently having elections in TN and I have reached my term limit (6 years)
as delegate. I am running for alternate delegate (unopposed for the female
seat). Voting has ended but the results have not been released yet; offices
take effect the 3rd week in July. I am a delegate during this voting
period, but I will be an alternate by the Annual Meeting in Tucson. Some
might feel it is inappropriate for me to run under such conditions, but I
feel it is the best time for me to run as I will be able to devote my focus
to the Steering Committee tasks and responsibilities. I would appreciate
your vote for the vacated Steering Committee seat.

None of the candiates are acceptable which will require a new election.

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