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Green Party of Onondaga County


Ursula Rozum, (315) 414-7720,
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We need climate solutions, not sacrifice zones.

The Green Party of Onondaga County and Howie Hawkins, the 2010 Green candidate for Governor, today called upon Governor Cuomo to rule against allowing the hydrofracking of natural gas.

"I called for a ban on hydrofracking when I ran for Governor and the evidence against fracking is even stronger today. Hydrofracking is the latest example of extreme extraction methods that both major parties have supported to feed their addiction to fossil fuels, despite their devastating impact on the environment, our water supplies and public health. "We need need climate solutions, not sacrifice zones. A full ban is needed because the real challenge in dealing with climate change is not to find more fossil fuels but rather to prevent 80% of our existing reserves fuels from being burnt into greenhouse gas emissions," said Hawkins.

Environmentalists and community activists are protesting today outside Governor Cuomo's office in Syracuse over rumors that Cuomo plans to give a green light to begin a pilot program to allow hydrofracking of natural gas.

According to the Green Party, extensive hydrofracking will turn the rural landscapes of upstate New York into an industrial belt of drilling rigs, heavy truck traffic, wastewater ponds and pipelines. It will undermine property values, increase the tax burden on local citizens and reduce the tax base of the state. The industrial and transportation activities of the gas and oil industry will place an enormous strain on local public services and emergency services, including roads, water, fire and police departments, emergency medical services, hospitals and health care providers.

"Fracking New York at best creates a short-term gas boom. It will soon leave behind a long-term economic and environmental bust. We will be better off investing now for the long term in a sustainable energy system based on the efficient use of renewable energy generation, efficiency and conservation. New York has the ability to be a leader – lets ban hydrofracking and commit to a carbon-free and nuclear-free New York," added Ursula Rozum, the recent Green Party Congressional candidate in Central NY.

The Green Party in NYS and nationally is mobilizing for this Sunday's protest at the White House against the Keystone XL pipeline in what is expected to be the largest climate change protest to date in the US.

The Green New Deal, supported by Hawkins in 2010 and promoted by the Green Party's recent Presidential campaign (, would make a massive transformative investment in renewable clean energy, putting tens of millions of Americans back to work by building sustainable energy systems such as wind, solar, geothermal, tidal, and energy conservation and efficiency and by investing in mass transit and organic agriculture. Greens have proposed an annual fund of several hundred billion dollars to finance the Green New Deal through major cuts in Pentagon spending, a carbon tax, holding fossil fuel companies financially responsible for climate change, an end to tax subsidies for fossil fuels and nuclear, and higher taxes on the wealthy (e.g., a financial transaction tax).


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