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Green Party LogoGreen Party Calls for DEP Protests, Elects new leadership

Attention: News Editor
For Immediate Release
January 22, 2013

Jay Sweeney, 570-587-3603,
Carl Romanelli, 570-239-3914,
David Ochmanowicz, Jr.,


The Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) has endorsed regional protests of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) being planned for Earth Day, April 22, 2013. The endorsement, made by GPPA at its January 12th quarterly meeting in York, PA, underscores the growing recognition that the DEP needs to be called to public account for its failure to protect the environment and its support, instead, of assaults on our environment by governmental and corporate interests, most egregious being the surrender of the state to Marcellus Shale natural gas interests.

Chris Robinson, organizer of the Earth Day protest and delegate to the January 12th meeting from the Green Party of Philadelphia, said, "We have been fortunate to have the endorsement of Food and Water Watch and Protecting Our Waters. We welcome the endorsement of GPPA."

The Earth Day protest endorsement and other matters discussed at the January 12th GPPA meeting are part of a strategy of activism and involvement that take the Green Party far beyond the fielding of candidates. Of particular force is GPPA's continuing efforts for fair ballot access through the legislative process and the courts.

"The Pennsylvania Green Party is demanding action in the Pennsylvania Senate regarding the Voter Choice Act. Senators owe Pennsylvanians hearings on alternatives to the current, unconstitutional ballot scheme imposed on third parties. The VCA has stalled in committee during the previous two sessions of the legislature, and we are determined to not see that happen again this year. In addition we have unfinished business in our federal suit (Constitution Party, v. Aichele, Case Number 5:12-cv-02726) regarding the same. So ballot access continues to be a rallying point for our party," advised Carl Romanelli, 2012 GPPA Chair.

Bob Small, Delaware County, founding member of PaBAC, added, "We need everyone's help to meet with their area Legislators, especially those on the State Senate Government Committee, through which the Voters Choice Act, Bill Number 195, must pass. Please contact the Pa Ballot Access Committee so that we can coordinate joint meetings (with Independents and Libertarians, etc), so that the VCA will not be considered just a 'Green' issue."

The January 12th meeting also focused on organizational matters. Steve Baker of York was honored, upon his retirement, for his years of service to the party and internal elections were held.

GPPA Delegates elected a new seven-person Steering Committee for the coming year, with Jay Sweeney of Wyoming County as Chair, David Ochmanowicz Jr. of Bucks County as Secretary, and Vivek Ananthan of Philadelphia as Treasurer. Four At-Large Members were elected: Carl Romanelli of Luzerne County, Emily Cook of Montgomery County, Glenn Davis and Hillary Kane, both of Philadelphia. They bring renewed vitality to the Green Party of Pennsylvania.

Newly elected Chair Jay Sweeney of Wyoming County: "I look forward to working with local chairs to strengthen and grow our party. We need to do everything from holding voter registration drives to working with the contacts we developed in the Stein/Honkala presidential campaign. We will continue to work to guarantee free and fair elections, promote single payer healthcare for all, demand justice for those damaged by natural gas drilling and natural disaster relief. We will continue to call for a ban on hydrofracking to extract natural gas. Our neighbors to the north in New York are right to act to criminalize fracking. It's criminally insane!"

Emily Cook of Montgomery County: "I am honored to be able to serve on the Steering Committee for the Green Party of Pennsylvania, and look forward to working on issues concerning the Commonwealth such as poverty and the negative consequences of fracking."

Glenn Davis of Philadelphia: "First I would like to thank everyone for this opportunity to serve on this committee. I think it is time to take the Green Party to the next level and I am focused on growing the Greens locally as well as statewide."

In addition, delegates to the Green Party of the United States were elected to serve on the National Committee. Vivek Ananthan, Glenn Davis and Robert Piemme of Pittsburgh will serve as delegates. Hillary Kane, James Rountry of York and Jessica Ashman of Reading will serve as alternates.

The Green Party of Pennsylvania is an independent political party that stands in opposition to the two corporate parties. The Green Party of Pennsylvania stands for grassroots democracy, social justice, nonviolence, and ecological wisdom. For more information about the Green Party, please contact 888-721-4733.

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