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Green Party LogoConnecticut Green Party protests two-hour waits for voters, write-in obstruction

Green Party Of Connecticut

News Release- For Immediate Release November 8, 2012

CONTACT: Tim McKee, CT Volunteers for Stein for President, (860) 778-1304, National Green Party Committee Mike DeRosa- Green Party State Co Chair, (860) 919-4042


Connecticut Green Party officials reacted with outrage today over reports of voters waiting two hours to vote. They are also distressed over reports that election officials told voters they could not write in candidates for President or/and that their write-in vote would not be counted. The results of the registered write-in vote are still not available on the website of the CT Secretary of the State two days after the election. Dr Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala, the 2012 national Green Party candidates, were both legally registered with the CT SOTS before the official state deadline.

Mike DeRosa, Co-Chair of the Green Party, said there was "much voter confusion before, during and after the election about the write-in process." DeRosa, also a candidate for Congress in the First District, received over 5,000 votes and Colin Bennett, a candidate for Congress in the Second District received over 3,000 as a Green Party candidate. DeRosa noted "that the vote totals for our presidential candidate Jill Stein are still missing."

"For some reason," DeRosa said, "the polling officials in some polling districts were not properly trained by the CT SOTS to understand that a write-in vote for a registered candidate is a valid vote and must under CT law be legally counted."

Tim McKee, a National Green Party committeeperson, said that local polling officials told voters in his district that they could not write in Dr. Jill Stein for President, which is not true. Other local officials said things like "your vote will not count" if your write in the name of a person in the write-in option box. McKee added when he asked a New Britain voting official to see the State’s list of approved write-in candidates, at first they refused, and then they threatened him with arrest. The list was finally produced but did not list the party affiliation of Jill Stein the Green Party candidate for President.

McKee added "If over 8,000 voters voted for our Green Congressional candidates in just two of the five congressional districts, does it make sense that many of these people would vote for Jill Stein for President?" We are not even counting the other three Congressional district were we have elected Greens to many offices and where we have great support.

Both DeRosa and McKee were outraged that in some cases voters had to wait two hours to vote and they said this discouraged many voters. They wondered how many walked away without voting due to long voting lines.

End of Release

This email is for press and media notices for the Connecticut Green Party Green Party of Connecticut web site: For further information contact:Tim McKee cell (860) 778-1304 --- Press spokesperson and National Committee Member


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