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Green Party LogoColin Beavan racks up environmental endorsements in wake of the chaos of Sandy

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The severity of Hurricane Sandy has brought the issue of climate change back into the consciousness of the public even if the major party presidential candidates refuse to acknowledge its presence.

"Hurricane Sandy is a sure sign that Romney and Obama's 'if we ignore it, it might go away' approach to climate does not work," writes Colin Beavan, Green Party candidate in New York's 8th congressional district, on his website.

Beavan, himself an acknowledged environmental activist through his book and documentary No Impact Man, has managed some impressive endorsements of his positions on environmental issues.

His environmental positions include: 1) a fast-track conversion away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources; 2) an immediate halt to hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to extract 'natural' gas from shale rock formations; 3) discarding plans to drill in the arctic wildlife refuge; 4) a moratorium on mountain top removal; 5) 'no' to the Keystone, Constitution, Spectra and Rockaway pipelines; 6) immediate elimination of all government subsidies to the fossil fuel industry, including the use of our military in areas where oil is found in great quantities (the Middle East).

And many well-known environmental activists are willing to go on record in support of his positions on those issues. Here's an impressive sampling:

Author and environmental activist Bill McKibben states: "I am not in the business of endorsing political candidates nor am I doing that here but as a person who has been concerned about climate change for many years I certainly support Colin Beavan's call for a moratorium on fracking, an end to mountaintop removal and an immediate and urgent transition to renewable energy.",

The actress and activist Daryl Hannah states: "I support Colin Beavan's position that we should call an immediate halt to hydraulic fracking and mountain top removal, revoke permissions to oil companies to expand drilling into the arctic and other public lands, and ban the Keystone pipeline and other tragic investments in fossil fuels. We need to transition as urgently as possible to a renewable energy economy for the sake of our economy, our planet, and our way of life."

The environmental activist Julia Butterfly Hill wrote: "I support Colin Beavan's position on climate change and the environment because we must make a rapid transfer to renewable energy in order to insure we leave a viable and healthy planet for future generations."

And finally, Majora Carter, the urban revitalization strategist recently stated: "I support Colin Beavan's call for a moratorium on fracking, the end to mountaintop removal and to urgently invest our resources in renewable energy to create more economic and environmental stability in poor communities that are usually on the receiving end of the negative consequences of our current energy practices and policies."

Beavan insists that these measures will create local jobs and can be paid for easily by a 50% reduction in our military budget and by eliminating the direct subsidies to the fossil fuel industry. "Our military has become a massive private security service for the oil industry, so the subsidy for the fossil fuel industry numbers nearly a trillion dollars over the last ten years," states Beavan.


Colin Beavan rose to prominence as a spokesperson on environmental and quality of life issues after his year-long experiment in extreme environmental living, No Impact Man, exploded in the international media. He is the founder and executive director of No Impact Project, an international non-profit that empowers citizens to make choices that support the planet, their communities, and help them live a happier, healthier life.

A long-time activist, he sits on the board of directors of New York City's Transportation Alternatives, and is on the advisory councils of Just Food and, a global organization dedicated to solving the climate crisis. Prior to becoming a champion of the environment, Colin earned his PhD at the University of Liverpool, spent a decade helping social housing providers, drug treatment agencies and hospitals get funding, and wrote books.

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