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  1. David McCorquodale says:

    Russell Hart, Thank you for your heartfelt comments. Unfortunately, they show a common misunderstanding about the purpose of Green Pages, which is the official publication of the Green Party of the United States. Here is it’s official mission statement: “Its primary purpose is to address the needs of the Green Party, its members and its organizations on the national, state and local levels. Coverage will focus on news of the Green Party and news affecting Green parties. Green Pages will share successes of the party and information to make the party stronger. Secondarily, Green Pages will provide a credible information vehicle for communication and alliance building with media, academics and social movements.”

    What you are asking is to also focus on the green movement. But there are hundreds of websites and publications which focus on various aspects of the green movement. Green Pages is the only publications which informs about the Green Party of the United States. I might add that the committee is too small in numbers and the amount of money available to the committee for number of issues and number of pages is limited.

  2. Joseph Pfander says:

    I am proud to be a member of the Green Party. We need new political actions, and neither the Republicans or Democrats can do this.Its all about money. Hillary Clinton says she need 2.5 billion to run her campaign! Her reality is totally disconnected from truth. It pathetic to know that we live in a completely corrupt country where money alone rules the policies and priorities of the country. I believe that this is one of the reasons that people don’t take an interest in politics or vote during an elections. Beware of the dangers of a two party system corrupted by money. I am not sure what road it is going down, but I want a different road altogether. Vote Green, Join today.

  3. Russell Hart says:

    Good day. This is nice to receive a copy of “Green Pages”; until today I did not know we had such a paper. May I make a suggestion, please? On looking at the content, all the articles deal with politically toned items. They have their place. But if this is a publication of the Green Party, shouldn’t there be some collection of issues that show we are looking for green applications in our lives that enhance our eventual ability to be free from the current corporate dominated system.

    For example, wouldn’t a true “Green” be interested in articles on raising something on your yard or on some open space nearby other than grass? Wouldn’t we be interested in articles involving native plants – especially native plants that attract pollinators? The first measure of political independence is being able to raise some of your own food in as green as manner as possible, and not rely any more on a corporate system where 10 units of fossil fuel energy are used to raise one unit of food energy, true.?

    And there are pockets of areas, often having undergone economic blight, that are leaders in this area. So why don’t we see articles about such efforts on “Green Pages”? Why don’t we see articles on how easy it is to make compost in your backyard combining left over relatively fresh green “waste” – such as vegetable trimmings from fixing a meal – with older “brown wastes” – meaning old leaves and weeds from out doors. Combine those things until compost forms, work that into the soil, and the extra carbon you just put into the soil will do more to help fend off global warming than a dozen international conferences on carbon emissions that are calculated to fail.

    Green should realize water is a valuable resource. So why wouldn’t any green not have a rain barrel to capture rainwater from your roof, and use as a source on non-potable water? Plants would love it – such water is free of chlorine.

    Yes, we need to promote the well-being of unions. But even more, don’t we need to promote the issues of universal access to the land, the return of the commons, so that people can start to take control over their own very local watersheds and food sheds. If we want to tell the corporations to take a hike, we have to make sure our actions promote local autonomy – and also enhanced local knowledge of insuring one’s watershed, foodshed, and living in harmony with those plants and insects that do so much to help our food grow – if we only knew.

    Articles like that would set the Greens light years apart from conventional political parties.

  4. jules says:

    There is only ONE way to achieve the “Greening of America”

    Endorse, promote, sponsor Local and Community Greens….the “trickle up” will, one day arrive in the Senate, in the Congress and the White House.

    …..observer Jules……

  5. Terry Knepp says:

    I am a compassionate liberal,environmentalist,and activist. I voted for Obama both times thinking he was a man of the people, I now see that he is not that person. I wish I had voted Green Party in 2012 but I thought maybe just maybe Obama would actually use his 2nd term to become an F.D.R. like President. I now see that will not be the case. People tell you that you waste your vote if you vote third party but I am here to tell you that if you are an average middle or lower class citizen you truly waste your vote if you vote Democrat or Republican because both of these parties are now completely controlled by big money interests and Corporations. The two major parties are playing a good cop/bad cop routine on the American people because both parties are totally in bed with corporations and the elite. I will vote Green Party from now on!

  6. sonia elsakka says:

    I am shocked, that an official,legal,organized and eloquent party exists with real solutions that target the root of problems in the this country and abroad.

    I am definitely becoming a Green.

  7. Ed Lindsay says:

    No minority no matter how powerful should be allowed to overcome the will of the majority.

    Ed Lindsay
    Green Candidate for Texas Congressional District 33

  8. We cannot ask for a better opportunity to change the two party monopoly that has become so confrontational that they can no longer govern. What is needed know is to change the attitude of the media that only fallows the leading two parties. It is the lack of attention from them that keeps any other party from breaking through the monopoly.

  9. doug lowe says:

    some satire: OK, I put new lyrics to “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.” (with apologies)

    You’ve got Roberts, Alito, Scolia and Thomas
    Kennedy joined them, and now I can promise
    we’ll regret their call,
    the most heinous ruling of all.

    Rudolph the corporation
    didn’t even have a nose.
    But it could still smell money –
    that’s the way our country goes.

    All of the human beings
    had to scrape to pay their rents
    to Rudolph the corporation,
    who owned all the tenements.

    Then one fateful winter’s day
    Roberts came to say,
    “Rudolph with your mega bucks
    dress up in this brand new tux

    Rudolph the corporation
    “Personhood” is now your game.
    Give all the politicians
    reason to exalt your name.

    And if the people protest
    drown them out with money. See,
    Rudolph the corporation
    you will now own history.

  10. doug lowe says:

    Here’s the link to change.org – for signing the petition regarding open political debates: http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions#search/debates

    The Green Party has caught my attention in a big way. Jill Stein is a magnificent candidate, and if she’s included in the debates she will be the only one there who will actually believe in the points she makes, and who will actually follow through on them if elected.

    The year 2008 was the year of make-believe change, sprung on us by a Trojan Horse lawyer. The year 2012 can be the year for actual, exciting and meaningful change. Let’s admit our huge mistake in 2008 and set things right in 2012.

  11. Paul Cardwell says:

    Change.org has a petition that presidential debates be open to all candidates on the ballot in at least 20 states, and that control be returned to the League of Women Voters. Please spread the word as it is the only way Greens can appear.

  12. Wayne Gunn says:

    The current political climate is warm to the touch and getting hotter. I feel that it is nigh time for change in the direction of multi party, grass roots, community driven, environmentally aware politics. I am sick to death of all the friction created by our current base of immature, spoiled politicians who claim to speak “for the American people”, when in fact they are simply yielding to the consequences of having been in bed with with big corporations for so long. Peace!

  13. raymond says:

    My name is Raymond V. Davis III. I am running for West Virginia House of Delegates district 5 as a Mountain/Green Party candidate and I would like to ask people living in my district to vote for me. I would like to as all Greens to donate to my campaign and help elect me. My website is : davisforwvhouse.webs.com

  14. Eugene Hernandez says:

    Why is the Green supporting Dr. Michael Powelson who has been left out of all Congressional Debates for the 30th District? Why are you not supporting the protest at CSUN on April 30th for excluding him from the debate with Brad Sherman and Howard Berman and other rightwing Republican wackcos? But your money where your mouth is!

  15. raymond says:

    I am a Mountain Party a.k.a. Green Party/Independent running for office in West Virginia. Please donate to my campaign. We need to get fresh blood into the house of delegates in WV. My website is : http://davisforwvhouse.webs.com

  16. Ed Griffith says:

    The two Greens running for President are Kent Mesplay and Jill Stein.
    Some thoughts and opinions:
    -We must fight at both the national and local areas. Certainly local races are important and necessary, but we will be forever weak if we wait until we are strong everywhere before fighting nationally. That has never worked in any country.
    -Fighting mainly for reparations or prisoner rights – however worthy and just – will insure we never progress beyond footnote status. Fighting for a green economy is a wave of the future. Our name, after all, is Green. I am not saying we should not fight for other issues, just that we prioritize.
    -We need to be more open to other organizations such as the New Progressive Alliance (http://newprogs.org/) which I belong to. I am glad the Greens are taking some steps in this direction.

  17. Geoff Young says:

    When will we start hearing from Green candidates for President? We really need to run someone (and a VP) to demonstrate that President Obama’s policies of endless war, military empire, and a repressive National Security State here at home are not acceptable.

  18. Brian Cady says:

    ‘Green Jobs’ provides the greatest opportunity for outreach now, both in terms of inspiring hope and in terms of what we could deliver. We humans have used resources and energy to eliminate labor, which was great when there wasn’t enough labor. But now there’s more than enough labor and not enough resources. We should tax resource use (e.g. resource sales tax) and eliminate income tax, which discourages us from using our abundant labor.
    I hope to see ‘green jobs’ on the green party front page as we start the 2012 election cycle.

  19. Teresa Lewis says:

    For those who still think that Nader caused Gore to lose the election to Bush, I remind them that over 200,000 Democrats in Florida voted for Bush, and several Florida newspapers paid for a re-count of the voting districts that were in question; the result showed that Gore would have won by about 5000 votes if the Supreme court had not interfered.

  20. Teresa Lewis says:

    For those who still think that Nader caused Gore to lose the election to Bush, I remind them that over 200,00 Democrats in Florida voted for Bush, and several Florida newspapers paid for a re-count of the voting districts that were in question; the result showed that Gore would have won by about 5000 votes if the Supreme court had not interfered.

  21. Malcolm Smith says:

    The Green Party should not get distracted electoral politics dominated by corporate interest. As long as corporations dominate electoral politics in the United States, especially in the wake of Citizen’s United, the Green Party should focus its attention primarily on local elections and state elections where corporate money is less important. The purpose of this to build up a decentralized web of activist candidates in local offices. National elections are at this point in the Green Party’s history in the US, a distraction at best.

    More importantly, the Green Party needs to continue to promote direct Non-Violent social action in protesting war, corporate hegemony, and everything else that is harmful to our mother, Gaia, and all sentient, vegetal and microbial beings who live and breath in her embrace.

    Deep Greens should not vote for Democrats. The Democratic party now represents the interests of the very forces against which the Green Movement is opposed i.e. the corporate war machine that has captured the US Govt and holds the US economy and people of the US hostage. Reconciliation with the Democratic Party is therefore impossible for the Green Party.

    If the Green Party is too moderate, it will render itself irrelevant.

  22. James Huntington says:

    We had a fellow member of the Green Party, ( … ), run for town council last year. An avowed anarchist, he did not represent the party very well. He actually took acting lessons to make himself look more convincing as a moderate, but his looney leftist instincts did him in. I was so embarrassed that I seriously considered quitting the party altogether. How can we be taken seriously when our candidates represent an extremist point of view?

  23. Brian Weidler says:

    Ron Moss wrote above:

    “(M)y reservation is that helping the Green Party will have the effect of electing Republicans. The best being the enemy of the good, and the idea of the lesser evil, compel me to vote, with great frustration, for Democrats.”

    Unfortunately, this is how I feel as well. It is absolutely NOT a “fallacy” to suggest that votes for Nader in 2000 helped put Bush into office, for the simple fact that if Nader were not in the race, most of the votes that went to him would have gone to Gore by default, which would have made the popular vote tip even more to the Gore siode than it already did.

    It was because the popular vote was close that the Republicans and the conservative majority on the SCOTUS were able to successfully influence the outcome.

    That, however, is in the past, and we must look to the future. I am convinced that the way forward for American democracy is a coalition government, made up of alliances of various parties rather than the current “winner-take-all” model that “allows” us to choose only between two sides of the same bought-and-paid-for coin.

    We as Americans need The Green Party, and other “third” parties, to become strong enough to challenge the electoral monopoly held by the Democratic-Republican Party.

    To that end, I’m calling on the Greens to call a nominating convention, find and support an electable candidate, and develop and circulate a platform of policies and ideas that are supported by a majoroity of Americans.

    I’ve been a Democrat all my voting life (since 1980), but I’m ready to help build a viable alternative to the current electoral monoply. Tell me what I can do.

  24. Jon Thomas says:

    The Democrats fail the left by compromising liberal principles and not having the backbone to stand up and declare themselves seperate from conservative America. The Green Party is the only vehicle for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for free thinking people in the US. Vote progressive and Go Green!!

  25. Theresa Mortellaro says:

    I am a registered Republican, once registered Right to Life, while it existed. While I agree with much of Green Party philosophies, such as, saving our earth and wildlife, ending war, and reducing military budgets; some things just miss the boat. A President is elected and we need to give him a chance and be supportive of his ideas. The President is not adopting Republican policy, he is being open-minded and expanding his thoughts to improve the US. We have not fully emerged from recession. This is not the time to dwell on the national debt. Once a middle-class family we are now struggling with underemployment and sinking into debt ourselves. Lets support the President and work with each other.

  26. admin says:


    While Green Pages is now an electronic publication, it remains on a quarterly schedule. However the Media Committee will shortly be launching a new section of gp.org with articles and responses to current events.


  27. Steve Bauers says:

    It’s the end of Nov. and this site is pre election. Iv’e been a Green for a long time, but it’s the lack of commitment of the larger picture that is disappointing. Time to start 2012.

  28. Leslie Novak says:

    Who is the Green Party presidential candidate for 2012? We need to get started.

  29. Frank Thomas says:

    My friends and follow progressives

    The door is wide open. Republicans have completely misread the election results.
    1.A large majority of Americans want a public option in health coverage, not a repeal of “Obamacare”
    2. A majority of Americans do not want an extension of tax cuts for the top 2% income group.
    We know that trickle down supply side economics does not work. Right? Agreed?
    Well, President Obama isn’t going to fight for these principles.
    The time for a progressive revolution is now. I am 73 yrs. old and have never seen the Demos is such a sorry state. Watching the news yesterday and today is making me sick to my stomach.
    The mixed messages coming from Barack and Axelrod are pathetic. Many people put their lives on hold to get Barack elected. My wife like thousands of black women rejoiced when he was elected. As a white man I shed tears of joy that one of my two wishes had come true. A black person elected to the presidency. My second wish is to see a women in the white house.
    Now reality has set in. The political system in this country is rotten to the core. We have a de facto one party system I call the Demopublicans aka Republocrats.

    Please read a short article I wrote last week

    A viable four party system -the only hope for democracy
    I am 73 yrs. old and have been active in politics since 1948. I can remember as a youngster the Truman victory in 1948. Then the democratic party was a coalition of labor, minorities and working poor. The Republican party was mainly composed of eastern conservatives and midwest farmers and corporate/business interests.
    How times have changed. Progressives and hard right conservatives are no longer at home in the “twittle dum, twittle dee” two party system we have today. Looking at current political activity is all we need to prove the glaring fact. The 2010 mid term elections further prove this unfortunate reality.
    The tea party movement on the right and the real progressives on the left have little or no voice in the RNC or the DNC. Big corporate money drives both parties and without serious election reforms and the abolishing of the antiquated electorial college there is little hope for democratic expression at the polls.
    As a lifelong progressive I have resisted the overtures from my democrat friends to vote for the lesser of two evils. There has always been an alternative to the “republicrats” in the presidential races but never a real viable minor party campaign due to the lack of media exposure and refusal of the “demopublicans” to allow the Progressives (Green party) or the hard right (Libertarians, AIP, Constitution) parties to participate in the national TV debates.
    Opening up the process to the Greens and the hard right would have these salvitic results
    1. Expose the electorate to the views of the left and the right
    2. Make the “demopublicans” address the real issues that concern about 40% of the electorate
    3. Raise the voter turnout by about 20%
    I estimate that at least 20-30% of registered voters would vote for a third party. Perhaps 15% would go left and 15% would go right.

    It is extremely important that both the left and the right have viable, healthy parties. It would avoid the false argument that “you are wasting your vote.” Or the utterly incomprehensible idea that “a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush” fallacy.
    The oil companies, insurance industry, and the banking/wall street conglomerates own the political system. They will continue to own it and do as they will until 30% of the electorate leaves the “two party system” and votes third party instead of staying home.

    Senators Feingold and Sanders- Come home where you belong. The doors to the Green party are wide open.
    The view expressed here are that of the writer and not endorsed by the Green party
    Frank Thomas
    Modesto, Ca.

  30. Ron Moss says:

    I support everything you stand for (is a flat tax part of the Green Party’s Platform or just the opinion of one Green candidate?), but my reservation is that helping the Green Party will have the effect of electing Republicans. The best being the enemy of the good, and the idea of the lesser evil, compel me to vote, with great frustration, for Democrats. What is your response to this? Thank you.

  31. Chuck Reutter says:

    In my opinion, the Green Party of California needs to revamp the leadership or it will build and then fall back 20 years over and over. The same people have been running things for too long and need to be replaced soon.

  32. Kevin Garry says:

    re: Michael Joseph Matteucig’s comment

    good points, but nothing on putting a stop to the U.S.’s blind support of Israel’s illegal, immoral, and ill-fated occupation of Gaza (yes, it is still occupied) East Jerusalem and the West Bank?

    The day will come (soon, we hope) when people will look back in horror and disgust, wondering how we were able to stand by and do nothing except give them the weapons, the tools, and the money (just as we look back, in the same way, at how the western democracies turned a blind eye to the Nazi regime’s death camps).

  33. David Wilcox says:

    ALEX – nuclear may seem clean, but the risks of melt-down or attack outweigh the rewards, in my opinion. Not only that, but storage of nuclear waste is incredibly risky and expensive. Wind and solar power are much easier and safer to maintain.

    GERALD – I didn’t like our 2008 Presidential choices either. McKinney strikes me as a rank amateur and nutcase who did embarrassingly bad.

    MONA – Hope you decide to join us, we’d love to have your support!

  34. Peter says:

    The green party mut support the way to a renewable-energy American and global society, without foclear (FOssil fuel and nuCLEAR) energy. Good work!

    On the other hand, promote regulation that cities with more than 300,000 inhabitants have at least an all-electric bus.

  35. Dear Sirs;

    Please correct your information on me. I am not running for Governor of Arkansas. I am running for the senate seat now held by Blanch Lincoln. You have a web site up on me that is causing a great deal of confusion for my campaign.

    Phone me at: (479) 387-0164 or (479) 856-6568
    Thanks for your attention to this matter.

    John Gray

  36. Alex Flood says:

    Although I am a registered voter of the Green Party, I do disagree with them on this term. Nuclear power is now safer than any other form of power out there. Coal plants allow more radioactive material to escape into the environment (radioactive ash).

    Nuclear Power is cheap and safe energy. We should embrace it.

  37. Recently, I re-registered to vote as “Green” simply because I am devastated by political deceitfulness on both sides of the aisle.

    I believe that the “Greens” must:

    1. Fight off “Citizens United versus Federal Elections Commission–a corporation can not be considered a human being;

    2. Fight for Public financingn of electoral campaigns;

    3. Fight to reform education. I prefer multiple-sensory/structured, self-paced, individualized, facilitation which is:

    a) Differentiated (subject-matter areas of weaknesses and strengths);

    b) Leveled ( according nto individual learning modalities of student);

    c) Project/place-based application of assignements (material being learned);

    d) Authentic assessments.

    e) International Baccalaureate curriculum– a well-rounded “Classical” education as denoted by Soctrates, Aristotle, etc.

    I am very sensitive to these principles as I work with bright but struggling students with Dyslelxia and realted learning differences. All human beings can contribute to the bettermentn of society.

    4. Sustainable agriculture and industry tied to co-operatives and enterprise zones.

    5. High-speed rail and maritime transportation.

    6. “Single Payer” Health Care.

    7. Alternative energy.

  38. gerald schwartzman says:

    and your message to the electorate with your 2008 pres. ad vpres. candidates was??

  39. Cliff Garratt says:

    I’ve been a Green since the mid 1990’s. I would really like to see the GP take on the issue of lobby money that floods both the House and the Senate. I think that the GP should push the issue continuously. Make it an issue that moves the public!

    Thank you,


  40. Mona York says:

    I am now registered as independent but very interested in your party, possibly to the point of turning that way.

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