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We Thank You!

Colin Beavan
New York – Congress

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Colin Beavan, star of the film No Impact Man and Green Party candidate in Brooklyn's 8th congressional district, appeals to his victorious opponent in the race, Democrat Hakeem Jeffries, to work both for solutions to climate change and for reform of the US's federal democracy. Beavan urges Jeffries never to forget the link between the massive suffering caused by Hurricane Sandy in New York and the climate change caused by fossil fuel use.

"I'm sure Mr. Jeffries is a good man," Beavan said to his supporters at an election night party at his home in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. "But he is caught inside an old party machine that appears to be supporting fossil fuel interests instead of the interests of the people. I urge Mr. Jeffries both to work hard towards bringing us a renewable energy economy, an atmosphere free of climate pollution, and an electoral system where the interests of the people, not the money of the corporations, comes first."

Colin Beavan, who became notorious during his one-year experiment in extreme environmental living in the middle of New York City, ran his campaign on the platform of putting communities before corporations. He repeatedly called attention to the fact that the two old-fashioned "major" parties pandered to corporate interests while delaying action on climate change and economic transformation. He repeatedly made links between social problems like the high US prison population and climate change. "Why is it any surprise that a society that trashes one of its greatest assets, its habitat, would also trash its young people in crisis," he said.

In spite of losing the election, Beavan's campaign claimed victory before the voting even began. "We are an activist campaign," Beavan insisted from the beginning. His goals were to get a largely disenfranchised community talking about the real problems and solutions - like that our consumption based economic system no longer works and needs replacement; to get young volunteers reengaged in the democracy; and to model on a local, national and international level the occupation of politics by real citizens.

"We have been successful and all these fronts," Beavan said at his home on election night. "Social change is urgent but we have to take a long view. This campaign has been just part of a large movement of change that is happening around the world. We can only grow from here."


Jill Stein
National – President

The election season begins today. Will you run for office in 2013? Will you volunteer on a campaign? Will you take advantage of the vibrant energy, the supporter lists, and the clarity of purpose that are our new strengths as Greens?

By tonight's end, between 750,000 and 1,250,000 people will have cast votes for Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala. Some states will perform better than others. But overall, this is a significant number and an impressive act of ballot box solidarity.

The Green Party is back.

We began the 2012 campaign with 16 states in which we could run candidates on the ballot, and ended it with 38 states.

We qualified for public financing.

Our candidates appeared on national television and in all the national press.

Our message of the need for a new economy and a new democracy was heard and seen everywhere.

Roughly one million Americans voted with us, and millions considered voting Green for the first time.

The Greens are back and in the political mix. Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala did that. And you did that.

What will you do next?

We hope you will take this energy and invest it in your community in the coming months. Recruit candidates or recruit yourself to run. Bring together your local Green community and build a local Green Party that makes a difference in your community. Set high ambitions, knowing that you won't immediately meet your goals.

Will your community be the next to elect a Green majority in local government?

This campaign will work with the Green Party of the United States to ensure that we make the most of the opportunities Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala have given us. They put themselves on the line. They went to jail for justice. They braved the media. So can you.

I personally want to make sure that every one of us understands what we have achieved this year. Winning nearly a million votes doesn't happen often for independent parties. We've done five times better than in the previous election cycle. We are moving in a good direction. I feel good, and hopeful, and I hope you do too.

You will hear directly from Jill and Cheri in the coming hours and days, and from the campaign and the national party in the coming weeks and months. If the election is still contested tomorrow, we will be in touch with you tomorrow as well.

In Solidarity,
Ben Manski
Campaign Manager


Mike DeRosa
Connecticut – Congress

Thanks for all the votes in the 1st congressional district and all the help from many of you during this campaign! We got 5384 votes for Jobs, Peace, and Justice yesterday in the 1st congressional district. That works out to around 2% of the vote in a four way race (1.84% to be exact so far with 100% of votes "counted").

The interesting thing is that the vote in the 1st district was consistent. It was almost 2% in every town or city. In a few it was over 3% and in a few it was close to 1.4%. But we did not fall down in any town or city. We were up against a powerful (he is Mr #4 in the Democratic leadership in the House) and a entrenched incumbent who had over two million dollars to spend on his campaign. I confronted him on jobs, the environment and climate change, the military-industrial-congressional complex, the bank bailouts, Medicare and Social Security, student loans, and clean and renewable energy in the one debate he allowed. I also raised these issues in the media. He said three times during the debate that "I agree with Mr DeRosa" on many of the issues I raised. I also pushed the Green New Deal strongly during the campaign (see my website for details and for a video of the LWV's West Hartford debate).

Unfortunately John Larson (who is basically a nice guy) will vote against the war and then turn around and vote for the appropriations to fund the war that he just voted against. He is also a big supporter of Keynesian Militarism ("Keep the Pratt Whitney Eagle flying" and NO peace conversion allowed). His idea of a Peace Dividend is to give more money to the Military Industrial complex and give tax breaks to corporations to rebuild our carbon based economy while talking vaguely about some future hydrogen economy. He also supports homeland security (he voted for the NDAA) and thinks that we need to make our military "more lethal" before we can close the over 900 bases in 130 countries that we own and control (Are these bases building Republic or Empire?).

In my opinion people will ultimately see through this doublethink (the act of simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs, and the actions that follow, as correct). It is our job as Greens (in my opinion) to inform people of the alternatives to this illogical political self-deception that is leading to the tragic results that we see all around us. To put it another way: "Fiction has to make sense, but reality doesn't." What were being told is correct is indeed a kind of fiction (or language game) that hides the true complexity and opportunity of our situation.

Thanks again to all those who helped me and the Green Party (I will try to thank all of you personally) during this campaign! You are the BEST!!

Mike DeRosa

Mike DeRosa for Congress in the 1st


Nancy Wade
Illinois – Congress

We did it! We got close to 6% of the vote. This is a huge step forward for the Green Party in the 5th district. It means that instead of having to get 5,000 plus signatures of registered voters to get our candidate on the ballot we'll only need a few hundred next election cycle. Piece of cake.

It has been my great privilege to run for congress in the 5th congressional district in Illinois for the Green Party. The 5th district is historically a stronghold for the Democratic Party. Its previous holders have been Rahm Emanuel, Rod Blagoyevich, and Dan Rostenkowski. By running a progressive Green Party champion in the 5th district we have sent a strong message to the Democrats that it can no longer be business as usual. Voters have shown they want representation for truly progressive values and a real choice for real change.

As Rosa Clemente has said: The Green Party is no longer the alternative; the Green Party is the imperative. The Illinois Green Party will build on the success of this campaign. We are planning now for 2014. Much of the time and energy of this campaign was spent in gaining ballot access. With that obstacle overcome we'll return as a force to be reckoned with, not only speaking truth to power but winning the seats of power.

Last October the courage displayed by Occupy Chicago inspired me to take the bold step of running for congress. When I began this journey I did not know if anyone else would come along with me. It turned out that many wonderful people did and they made this campaign possible.

I am profoundly grateful to my campaign team: Walter Pituc, Sam Holloway, and Verne Peterson. I am grateful to all the staunch volunteers who stood on street corners, on Metra station platforms, and in front of Farmer's markets in freezing and boiling temperatures tirelessly asking "Hi, are you a registered voter?"

Thank you to the volunteers who contributed their time and talents to this campaign in numerous ways. Every time the campaign had a need there were people who stepped up to fill it.

The campaign was fueled by people power and by generous donations from individuals. As you know, the Green Party does not take corporate contributions. Wade In Congress was the first Green Party congressional campaign in Chicago to have over $5000, requiring filing with the Federal Election Commission. Thank you to everyone who donated to help us get the word out that there was a progressive Green Party champion representing a real choice for real change on the ballot in the 5thdistrict.

Now, on to 2014!



Peter LaVenia
New York – State Senate

Peter LaVenia, Green candidate for State Senate Dist. 44 (Albany, Rens.), said the 9.5% of the vote he received today against incumbent Neil Breslin was a sign that a left-alternative to the Democrats was not only viable in the Capital District, but sorely needed. LaVenia pointed out he received that 9.5% of the vote despite Breslin's decision not to debate him, and having been outfundraised 300-1.

"The results tonight - 9.5% on a small budget against a 16-year incumbent - show that my positions, and the Green Party's, are majoritarian. Addressing the economic, enviromental, and political crisis in New York State are my top three priorities. I proposed an agenda for the 99%: full employment through a Green New Deal, Medicare-for-all, a living minimum wage of $15/hr, a carbon tax on polluters, switching to 100% renewable energy by 2030, banning hydrofracking, proportional representation in the legislature to end gerrymandering and open government up to more voices and choices, tuition-free higher ed, collecting the stock transfer tax and returning income tax rates on higher earners to the pre-1980 progressive levels, ending the failed war on drugs and legalizing marijuana, promoting local, sustainable, agriculture, and building an economy based on worker co-ops and worker control of businesses. None of these are even on the agenda in the next
Legislature, which will see the Democrats and Republicans put more programs on the chopping block," said LaVenia."

"Neil Breslin made a cowardly decision not to debate me, but he probably did so because he had no answer for my agenda. While he calls himself a progressive, he has refused to cosponsor bills in the Senate for single-payer universal health care and to ban hydrofracking; he proposes to raise the minimum wage to a paltry $8.50, and when asked about opening the Legislature up to more parties, voices and choices, his only response was it would be 'sheer chaos.'

If we had real full public financing of campaigns and mandatory debates between candidates, this would have been a real race. As it is, 9.5% of the voters support me and the Green Party's ideas even though I was outfundraised by Senator Breslin 300-1. Apparently when you can't beat someone with ideas, you do it with money - the mark of a real mediocrity," continued LaVenia.

"This is just the beginning. We're going to build on this next year and in the future to create a real grassroots, left alternative to the Democrats and Republicans in the Capital District. The 1% and their lackeys in the Legislature are on notice - change is coming," concluded LaVenia.


Ursula Rozum
New York – Congress

Thank you so much for supporting my campaign - those who volunteered, donated, stood by my side and spoke up for the progressive policies we need to address the serious crises facing us - the jobs crisis, the climate crisis and the democracy crisis. Thank you for standing with me in opposition to the two-party political establishment and for speaking up for the progressive Green alternative. I hope that you will stay connected, get involved in organizing locally (whether its for fracking ban, to abolish corporate personhood, to resist drone warfare, get $$ out of politics...) register Green, and help us build the movement we need for a future Green Party victory! The next Syracuse Greens meeting is this coming Monday, at 7pm (details below). Not in Onondaga County? My campaign team would be happy to help you organize your county to be officially affiliated with the Green Party of New York State.

The results of this election present us with a situation, not a solution. Please take a minute to read the Election Night statement on the campaign website.

So I don't win the Congressional race. At this point it looks like Dan Maffei will be our next representative. But, we achieved the highest ever showing for a Green in a 3-way contest for Congress - and that's no small feet! Over 21,000 people filled in the bubble for Ursula Rozum for Congress - a rough look at the results indicates that our greatest support came from working class voters - 11% of voters in Oswego gave me their vote, 9% in Cayuga County, 3% in Wayne County and 8% in Onondaga Co. Thank you so much!

The corporate two-party power structure spent over $9 million electing one of their candidates in this election. We spent less than $9000. We made our case for a Green New Deal to the people in the media, the debates and public forums. We expanded the Green network throughout all four counties in the 24th District. We earned far more votes per dollar spent than our opponents! We come out of this election stronger than we went into it!

Now lets move forward!

Join me and local members of Greater Democracy of CNY Thursday at the Palace Theatre in Syracuse at 7pm for a film screening of the documentary "American Autumn" about the Occupy movement followed by a Post Election discussion with filmmaker Dennis Trainor.

The next meeting of the Green Party of Onondaga County is Monday, November 12 at 7:00 pm at the Green Party office at 2013 E. Genesee St. in Syracuse. I hope you can make it!

It's been a real honor to be your candidate for Congress. I hope I can count on you to be part of our people-powered movement going forward.


PS I hope you'll stay on my email list! In the coming days, we'll let you know more about ways to plug in local organizing with the Greens and also with the independent progressive organizations in town that would be psyched to have you be part of our local movemnet.